Our Vision


Straight, forward thinking within the financial tech industry. Our vision is born out of contemporariness. Today, most of our daily life processes are automatized, everything from coffee machines, to traffic lights, to airplanes. Heaps of things that mankind previously, before the age of automatization spent lots of brainpower on are now solely the power of a button and a finger away.

Indeed, there is a reason behind this ideal. Namely, the fact that in every process a human is involved, there is margin for error. The purpose of automatization is to eliminate this margin. A computer has no bad days, a computer does not have a wife to argue with at home, or vendettas to perform, a computer puts out the same consistent workforce 24/7, with very few exceptions that are easily corrected in the minimal case of error.

With regards to this, what hinders this bullet-proof technology from being applied to the world of trading and financial management? This is exactly where Adilano steps in. Welcome to a new world of opportunities, welcome to contemporariness - Welcome to Adilano.

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